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I was totally unaware, but on Saturday, January 19th 2002 the Spirit of God was hovering over my heart and holding my breath in his hands. At 7:38 in the morning it felt like an elephant on my chest, but by that evening I had experienced three heart events and CODED three times.

My family was told, “If he makes it through the night, he might pull through. He’s on the edge.”

At 11 am on Sunday morning I woke up, with a 12″ pipe stuck down my throat,  an endless number of wires connected somehow to my body, and a hovering hospital staff. I am totally thankful for those gifted people, but I am most grateful for the hovering Spirit who never left.

Once the vent tube was removed and the events of the last 24-hours were explained to me, I was speechless. I laid in the hospital bed counting breaths and celebrating life. During those first few days, on more than one occasion I awoke in the middle of the night feeling like I was floating somewhere between the chaos and an epiphany.

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In the darkness of that room, I heard the call. “You’re not done yet. I’m just getting you ready for what I’ve been preparing. You will love it.”

Before my heart events, my dreams were too small, my expectations to puny, my vision to human.

The Faith Coaching Network was born out of that “Spirit hovering” experience.

Confirmation? Four years after the by-pass surgery, I went in for my annual heart check and the doc wrote‚ “something EXTRAORDINARY here. Four years ago patient’s lower right quadrant functioned at 37%. Now it’s at 47%.”


It’s God’s healing. He is rewiring my heart and rewriting my life. Oh, and the Spirit is still hovering.


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