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| November 30, 2011 | 10 Comments

It’s a cyber celebration

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19

Join the Buzz

What is God doing in your world?

What is He saying to you? teaching you? showing you?

The Buzz is about the Faith Team community expressing itself. We are declaring it open season on celebrating God in our culture. Tell about what you see…His fingerprints and His bewilderments. Replace the negative culture-babble about God with some real-world appreciation. Take a minute to give God a “Thumbs up.”

Got questions? Post them.

Got testimonies? Post them.

Got quotes? Post them.

Got discoveries? Post them.

Got God-sightings? Post them.

Got Holy Ground moments? Post them.

The Buzz is just the beginning, a non-threathening, non-judgmental beginning. It’s soon to be an international online celebration of God things–reports of faith in action… and that means there will be a lot of Buzz. So, be among the first…


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  1. L.B. Lyon says:

    I had my fill of a liberal “friend” loading my facebook page with pro-Obama messages. I posted that I would delete anyone who kept bombarding me with their liberal political views. The “friend” responded that he’d quit only if I quit posting Christian viewpoints and Bible passages. I’ve known this guy since 1962. Today another old high school friend called me and said he saw the comments on FB. “He’s an atheist” he told me. He then shared with me that he is a fairly miserable man who has no job, has been divorced, has no goals in his senior years and continues to embrace the liberal mindset and a Godless life. How sad this is. Economically, I am not doing well. But, I have joy in my heart because of the firm foundation on stand on thanks to my relationship with Christ. My liberal classmate had cataracts removed recently but I can tell that it hasn’t helped him really see God all around him. I pray his eyes will really be opened before it’s too late.

  2. pat says:


  3. L.B. Lyon says:

    you need to go back Bob. Maybe if you tell him you refuse to stay away until he listens…he just may listen.

  4. Bob Morrison says:

    So, I got a this message when I asked for prayer for the “legend”:
    “Bob…don’t be shy about going back to see this man. There’s too much at stake. The Lord will empower & embolden you.”
    He’s probably right. But…haven’t gone back yet.
    Kick the dust off my feet?

  5. L.B. Lyon says:

    What would you do if a man on his deathbed refused to hear about God or allow you to pray for him. It happened to me and a friend of mine today as we visited a colleague now in hospice. We talked about days gone by in the world of broadcasting and then my friend asked the dying broadcast legend “You are a Christian, aren’t you?” We were going to pray with him. He blurted “No!” and grumbled something about all the wars in the name of Christ. My friend said, “You know that has little to do with who Christ was, and what He was all about.”
    He grumbled some more, then said, “Well, thanks for coming. You’ve done enough. You can go, I’m drifting off.” My friend said, “We can wait til you drift off.” He said, “No. I’m fine, you can go.”
    Yes, the old curmudgeon threw us out!
    My friend and I went to lunch as we left the hospice and we prayed for the dying “legend”. If we had stayed in his room and prayed over him right there it may have riled him up so much he may have passed on the spot. How sad. What would you do in a situation like this?

  6. L.B. Lyon says:

    A couple of weeks ago I was in West Falls, New York. One afternoon I sat on the deck at my brother-in-laws home there and relazed and took time to think and enjoy my beautiful surroundings. I gazed up through the top of the 60-foot pine trees to the blue sky and the cloud formations and it took me back to my childhood days. In my parents back yard was a large tree with branches perfectly placed for a young boy who loved to climb trees. I would scurry up that tree to my favorite branch where I could lay on my back on the wide branch and look up at the cloud formations I could see through the upper branches. I would marvel at how quickly the clouds to change shape or hold onto the shape they had. I watched the birds that would land on the uppermost branches that were so thin you’d think they couldn’t support the weight of a sparrow. Looking back on it I realize that it was during those days that I was learning about God’s creation and how magnificent it is. Our lives today are too busy. We don’t take the time to sit and think and marvel at the creation around us. We don’t look up at the clouds with the awe of a ten year old boy. We need to pause and re-live those moments and reignite the wonder and excitement we felt as a child. We need to sit in silence and just listen.

  7. JWB says:

    The rivers of God’s love continue to flow in the desert wasteland. From the times of Isaiah until today, The Way is being made. That’s a story being told in the land of old.

  8. L.B. Lyon says:

    I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. My daughter was taking online classes to get certification in her profession. The classes were available through her job. But, then the job came to a sudden end. My daughter came home rather depressed on that Tuesday saying she was so close to finishing the classes and getting three levels of certification. I encouraged her to get on the website for the school. She did and found that her account was still open. For the next several hours she worked on completing the courses online, took the exam they offered, and gained approval for the three certifications. It was late in the afternoon on Tuesday when she called the school and asked if the certificates could be sent to her home address. They told her she could pay the fee with a charge card but that it would take 3-5 days for the charge to clear and the certificates to be mailed out. Then she got a call from a former employer wanting her to come in for a working interview on Thursday of the same week. She asked me what to do since her certifications would not have arrived yet. I told her to tell the prospective employer that she had completed the courses and that the certification was in the mail. I told her it could be several days or weeks before they decided on whether to hire her. We prayed about the potential new job and we prayed about the classes she had just completed…thanking God for allowing the course for her to remain online and for blessing her with another job interview so quickly. The next day I made my routine trip to the mailbox with my dog, Storm, at my side. When I pulled the mail from the roadside box I could almost not contain myself when I saw a huge envelope addressed to my daughter. I rushed back into the house and handed it to my daughter. She opened the envelope and there were the three certificates of completion for the course!!!! It was less than 24-hours from the time she had completed the classes online. There is only one explanation for those certificates of course completion arriving in the mail that fast…it was the fingerprints of God!!!
    By the way, the prospective employer was very pleased to see the certificates of course completion and the level of training my daughter had received. She was hired on the spot during her working interview.
    This was just more evidence that God is involved in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s taking classes online…losing a job and seeking another…or waiting for the mail, God is involved.

  9. Lyn Rose says:

    What a great place for conversation and expression. I hope the Buzz grows to include thousands. Praying for everyone to leave their “faith reply.” Now, we can all be the buzz.

  10. Ron says:

    Without risk there is no possibility of faith….

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