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| January 6, 2011 | 2 Comments

Coaches share their collection

Especially the personal stories…Emerging faith coaches share their stories. Believers of every nation long to know they are not alone and that God is still working wonders. People are more powerful than you realize.

Your fingerprint encounters become doses of hope for believers. Even before you realize it, God will use your adventures to introduce believers to the gentle healer from Nazareth. This doesn’t mean God comes to the rescue and crisis is over, but it does mean that God draws closer to everyone involved and faith is kindled and rekindled.

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  1. If everyone took the time to look for the good in something/someone, what a wonderful world this would be. The mean/cruel spirit of so many people makes our world so very difficult. This is why suicide is rampant! Loss of hope. Everyone needs hope and as Christians, we are supposed to be filled with hope and share it to everyone we come in contact with. As is said, “The greatest reason for Agnosticism and Atheism is because of Christians who claim Christianity but do not walk it!”
    Thank you LB for your article and tell Melina that I said “Good Job” for being an “inspiration” rather than an “insult”.
    Check out my blog post on Forgiveness.

  2. L.B. Lyon says:

    I spent the day at the rodeo with my twin daughters who love to ride competitively. They started riding when they were about 12 years old and now at the age of 21 they have the big fancy belt buckle awards along with numerous other accolades for their equestrian skills. Both have won championships.
    We watched as a young lady rode her horse into the arena ready to compete in the big event of the day…running the barrels. But on this day the horse had something else in mind and it certainly was not running the barrel pattern as it had been trained to do. The girl struggled to get the horse around the first barrel and then the second. One more to go. But the horse began to pop up as though it wanted to rear but couldn’t get its front legs high enough off the ground. The rider lost her balance and fell to the ground just narrowly missing the hoofs of the 1000 pound horse that was not trotting toward the exit to the arena. Other riders blocked the horse’s chance of escape while the embarrassed rider stood up and shouted she was okay and walked toward her misbehaving horse. The announcer said she’d give the rider another chance at the pattern. “It won’t count for any points but it may teach the horse that he can’t get away with that.” My daughters were sitting on their horses outside the arena watching everything unfold. The girl got back on the horse and struggled with it again. This time she stayed in the saddle and made it through the barrel pattern though her run was filled with difficulty as the horse hopped and side stepped and shook its head and refused to cooperate until it was time to leave the arena. Then Jesus showed up.
    No, not in the sense that you could see Jesus walking through the sandy dirt of the arena. I heard him in the voice of my daughter Melina who sat on her horse shouting to the embarrassed young rider. “Nice job keeping control!” she shouted. “Good job making him do it…you got it…woo hoo!!!” she exclaimed with a big smile on her face. The young girl looked back at the rider that so many other young girls wanted to be like and I could see the embarrassment was gone from her face. She was being praised for what she had accomplished rather than criticized for what had gone wrong. Smiling she looked at Melina and shouted “thanks!”.
    Words of encouragement and cheers for taking the right action over rode the failure of the run. Isn’t that what God does for us? Doesn’t He encourage us to persevere…to keep pushing…to never give up…to keep our eyes on the goal?
    Try a little encouragement rather than laughing at someones failures or mocking them. Lift them up and help them in this race we call life.

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