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Be the Story

The 7 Stories that Define You

Put story in the dash

Ultimately we are a collection of stories. God created us to be story, to be light, to be salt, to make a difference.

Buried deep inside us are stories that define us, that reveal character and values; they are stories that long to be told, the life-lessons that the next generation needs to hear. These are the stories that must be told in our own way, in our own voice.

Be the story for the next generation

The Faith Coaching Network can turn your one-of-these-days-projects into a personal reality. We can help you develop a voice-of-value. You will end up with a top-quality CD telling the 7 stories that have defined you and shaped your life-choices. It’s the Be the Story initiative.

Let the stories be told

The production process:

  1. We will set up an initial interview time.  Our goal will be to determine the seven stories from your life that deserve to be passed to the next generation–the ones that define who you are. This is not designed to be a collection of lectures or sermons.
  2. Once the 7 stories are set, I will help you craft the stories so they are focused and factual and passionate. The stories will vary in length, from 2 to 7 minutes. We are not writing a memoir.
  3. Then, you will practice reading/telling the stories to a friend or family member.
  4. A recording session will be set–a storytelling session. This relaxed session is all about recording the stories that define you, in your own voice.
  5. Finally, the recording will be edited, packaged in a CD format with a cover image selected by you, and copies made for each of your kids/grandkids.

Commitment to the project is simple

Your “Be the Story” audio album will be more valuable than you know. Yes, it will require dedicated work on your part, it will require thought and time, and it will require some investment of dollars. But, the value is set not on what it costs you, the value is intrinsic: It extends your influence beyond your years.

The suggested donation for the project is $500: $250 at the beginning and $250 at the end, but if your stories are worth more, you can always give more.

To reserve your place in line, fill out the form below and click Submit.

Please include contact information in this email. Also, tell me a little about the people you hope will listen to your stories.

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Then, mail a check for $250 to:

Faith Coaching Network
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