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Leap Year: Live to Give


Generosity is a core value of Jesus followers. It displays the power of God and describes who we are.

It all starts with a decision to risk. When we give our time, our talents, and our money we are risking a piece of our hearts. It is our faith in God that empowers us to turn loose of the resources we hold dear.

Sure, we want the gift to be appreciated and cherished. But, we learn, first-hand, that something special happens when we give, whether it is appreciated or cherished or not. And, that decision to give regardless, stretches us beyond our self-interests and into God’s world.

Jesus taught, “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38

Fully understanding this teaching demands that we test it; give and give some more. Then get ready to experience life to the full. Trust the teaching: give. Truth is, everything we have is provided by the God who created us, who gave first; so when we give we are like Him.

Do other people think of you as a generous person? Can you remember the last time you gave something significant to another? Have you ever given a valued donation anonymously? What difference did it make?

This is the year we leap; it’s a leap-year. Make it the year you become a giving person, a person known for generosity. Test the promise. God says it will come back to you concentrated, packed down and running over. It changes your heart.


In June of 1999, popular author Stephen King found out what “You can’t take it with you” means.

While he was lying at the side of a country road, covered with mud and blood and with the tibia of his right leg poking out the side of his jeans like the branch of a tree taken down in a thunderstorm, he discovered first hand a simple faith secret. “I had a MasterCard in my wallet, but when you’re lying in the ditch with broken glass in your hair, no one accepts MasterCard.”

That day King was hit while walking along a road near his home in Maine. He nearly died, and the weeks and months of intense pain and healing that followed, gave him, he said, “a painful but extremely valuable look at life’s backstage truths. We come in naked and broke. We may be dressed when we go out, but we’re just as broke.”

Of all the powers available to Americans, King considered, “the greatest is undoubtedly the power of compassion, the ability to give. We have enormous resources in this country, but they are only ours on loan, only ours to give for a short while.”

Stephen King has accidentally discovered a faith secret. It takes faith to be a truly compassionate giver.

In his months of recovery, the master of fear adopted a new story-line. “I want you,” King said, “to consider making your lives a long gift to others, and why not? All you have is on loan anyway. All you want to acquire, from the Maserati you dream about to the retirement fund some broker will try to sell you on, none of that is real. All that lasts is what you pass on.”

Wow, that’s a new story-line from Stephen King, and this one changes real life.


Spend time this week collecting stories of people who have had the experience of giving—really giving. Ask your friends to tell you about generous people.

The key here is not to look at the size of the gift, but the size of the heart.

Now, ask God to transform you into a generous giver. He has given to you so that you will give to others; start with one person. Decide to give without acknowledgment. Don’t let anyone know, especially the person getting your gift. Keep it just between you and God.

By the way, givers never run out of something to give. The treasure keeps growing when it’s shared. Take the risk. Trust the words of God. It took tragedy for Stephen King to discover what God has been saying forever. So, be reminded by the author of “Carrie” and “The Shining,” but be transformed by the author of life.

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