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Listening for echoes

Looking for Jesus where He lived

The last day of our Holy Ground Adventure was filled with insights and inspiration. On this day we unwrapped fresh layers of Jesus in the place He called home.

After his Synagogue confrontation in Nazareth, Jesus came to live in Capernaum along the North shore of the Sea of Galilee. In the day, its harbor for fishing boats extended for over half a mile. This little town  was the major center of trade and commerce in Galilee and it was like a toll booth along the Via Maris trade route. Remember Matthew? He quite probably was a toll collector on that route and tolls for fish caught on the lake.

This is where the paralyzed man was lowered toward Jesus through the roof; And, some believe this is where Jesus spoke about being the bread of life.   Imagine Jesus walking the streets and staying the night in one of these small homes.

Peter lived in this town. In fact, we visited an ancient house that tradition says was Peter’s house.

The Galilee region is filled with Holy Ground places, hillsides, shade trees, sitting rocks, fields, dusty roads, and the Sea of Galilee (really a lake).

We stopped on a hillside that is reported to be the hillside where Jesus revealed his famous beatitudes. We walked the grounds, sat on rocks, and listened for echoes of his words, “Blessed are the….”

By the way, read the intro passage in Matthew again, Was Jesus speaking to the crowd, or was he speaking to His disciples while watching the crowd Just a thought brought to you by George…

We took a boat ride out on the lake. There I was reminded that a sailor is concerned about town conditions when sailing into deep water, sudden and violent storms and calm windless skies. We watched for wind. Jesus reminds us that it takes faith to face the storms, but it also takes faith to wait for the wind.

At the Jordan River we ate lunch, marvelous Peter fish. It was the best fish of the trip, some however had trouble with the presentation. After lunch three of our group were baptized in the Jordan. It was an anchor moment it was for them, and for me. I know this milestone is not about who is doing the baptizing, none the less, I felt inspired.


For some, Holy Ground was experienced in and on water. How can that be? It’s a God thing!




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