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Got the Ministry Message?


I thought I recognized his face, but couldn’t remember the name. “Hey man, it’s been a long time!”

“Wow,” he responded. “It sure has. What have you been up to?”

“Well, I collect faith stories. It’s the best thing on the internet. We are publishing stories that make God look good, stories that inspire believers to take their faith outside the walls of church. In fact we are building a network of story collectors. Check it out, http://faithteam.org.”

“Are you connected to a church?” he asked.

“No, no church. But, the hidden secret is, we’re making Sundays better regardless of where you go. It’s a Kingdom thing.”

“So, do people have to sign a statement of faith to be part of it, or do you just let anybody in?”

“Anybodies are welcome, but we do ask our team to take action: to tell and find and be the story of faith. It’s a faith in action thing. I’m helping believers around the world to look for, and find, the fingerprints of God in this generation.”

“That’s great, but you’ve got to teach them the truth about what to believe? If you don’t, you’ll get a bunch of crazies. And, don’t they have to go to a church somewhere? I don’t see how you do this without tying people back to church. You’ve got to get them in church. You know, all that action stuff doesn’t matter, if they don’t have the right beliefs and attend the right church. That’s the bottom line.

What are you doing about…”

The rest of the conversation was about doctrines and demands. He kept the discussion focused on his version of “the correct” institutional Christian faith–about “The True Faith.”

I tried, but failed to get him to understand my kingdom vision of coaching faith inside and outside the institutional walls. I think he was afraid to see the vision. His view of God was threatened by what he perceived as a risky endeavor. There wasn’t enough control built-in. The Faith Team was, at this point, beyond his understanding.

As Jesus put it, he didn’t have “eyes to see, nor ears to hear.”

When we parted that day, I still couldn’t remember his name. In fact, I’m not sure he was the guy I thought he was, at all.

This ministry is about stories that are still being written, not belief in a philosophy, or a list that limits us to the way it has always been. We believe in the God who invades the impossible and reveals the invisible. The Faith Team is all about faith as a verb… faith in action. Truth is, God’s the only one in control, it’s really HIS story.


The old-timer caught fish every time he went fishing, and his buddies were tired of his success. He refused to share his secret, so a surprise visit by the game warden was set up.

It was 5:30 in the morning when the old-timer backed his weather-worn boat into the lake. After he tied the boat to the end of the dock, he parked his truck in the same old spot and headed back to the boat.

When he arrived, the game warden was waiting. “Going fishing this morning?” he asked.


The game warden studied for a second and asked, “Mind if I go with you?”

“OK with me, Hop in.”

The warden spent the next few minutes studying old man. There seemed to be a set routine. Once they arrived in the secluded cove on the back side of the lake, the old-timer killed the motor, dropped anchor, and began preparing to catch fish.

The game warden relaxed and prepared to learn the fishing secret that had so many people up in arms.

The old man got his net ready for action, opened his tackle box, and fumbled around looking for just the right items. Then he pulled out a Bic lighter and a stick of dynamite. While the game warden was still in shock, the fisherman lit the stick and at just the right moment he tossed it out over the water and ducked.

The dynamite exploded and as the stunned fish began to float on the surface, the old-time got his net and began hauling in the big ones.

Finally freed from his shock, the game warden pulled out his ticket pad and began preaching to the old man about all the laws he had violated. As the tickets were torn from the book and fines began to add up, the old man reached into the tackle box and quietly pulled out another stick of dynamite.

He lit it, and at just the right time handed it to the game warden. “You gonna to talk, or fish?”


God has handed you the power. You have a story he is writing in your life. It reveals truth that changes everything. What are you doing with this power?

The assignment this week is to “go fish.” It’s time to quit talking and start fishing. Be the story this week. The faith story needs to be seen before it’s heard.

Tell one person about the Faith Team. Explain, in your own words, what we are all about. This is a “faith in action” ministry. It’s outside the walls, real-life, stuff. It’s during the week encouragement that makes Sunday better. And, tell your friend why Faith Notes is important to you.

Then, ask him or her to pray for God to bless this ministry with growth and resources and courage.

Now, that you have practiced a bit, be ready for God to surprise you with opportunities to share a faith in action story. It will happen sooner than you expect.

The question: “You gonna talk or fish?”

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