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Annual Report

Heading into the wind

2010 was our manna year. For the first time in our near four year history, the Faith Coaching Network began the year with nothing. No debt, but no funds either; we were in survival mode, Then month by month, just when needed, someone stepped in. While all our ministry numbers continued on an upward trend (visits to website per month have tripled), we prudently trimmed our expenses and cut my salary in half.

Now it’s December! We didn’t accomplish what we’d planned, but I believe God did something more. Our faith was tested, strategic lessons were learned, and ministry components were reassessed and revised, or buried. We have grown leaner, more efficient, and much wiser.

As I look back, it seems God has worked a wonder; HE has pruned and prepared me for the next phase of this venture. My resolve and initiative have been challenged and refined. And now I can truthfully say, “This has been a very good year.”

Know this for sure, your financial support for this ministry arrived like manna and was deeply appreciated.

The faith team web-based ministry begins 2011 poised for a giant leap of faith. We are becoming an innovative growing and compelling no-borders faith community. So, where are we now? Here are 2010 results:

  • Facebook has taken on a daily faith team focus.
  • In the last four months, visits to the website have tripled over the last four months of last year.
  • The Gospel of John segments on-site are being used a group study in China.
  • i2eye spots are encouraging men’s groups in Canada and USA.
  • I have been coach faith in a dozen believers the US, Kuwait, and India.
  • Faith Notes has grown 25% this year.
  • I am coaching more than a dozen out-of-work believers in their job hunt.
  • Through the year, 8 ministers and nonprofit executives have engaged me as a mentor.
  • Thanksgiving spots were produced and aired on two DFW stations.
  • PrayerPoints has added radio outlets in Texas and continues to be translated into Spanish for 12 stations in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.
  • An audio recording of our Signature message, “Gutsy Faith for tough times,” was added to the web site.
  • FaithFeatures added stories and a new www.postthestory.com blog was added to the website.
  • All audio files were made available for download.
  • Working with Claxton Creative, LLC, innovative strategies for growth and social media networking have been developed.
  • One suicide attempt was averted, 3 ministers rescued, two marriage were saved, dozens made new commitments to church, and thousand were strengthen and encouraged in their faith. God’s fingerprints have shown up in the most unexpected places.

Now, 2011 is positioned to be a year of aggressive growth and expanded outreach. Our ministry plans will take us out of the shallows and into the deep.

  • Total website rebirth is planned for December/January. This transition includes mobile access and faith apps for smart phones and ipads.
  • Coaching and training videos and online seminars will be featured as funds arrive.
  • Social media networking will be enhanced and expanded.
  • Live “meet and greet” gatherings will be scheduled and promoted.
  • FaithTalk podcast will be produced and 24/7 Internet radio station will be developed and launched.
  • New faith teachers and coaches will join the team in order to expand the reach and influence of this ministry.

We are humbled and thankful for what our donors done in the past and what we hope they will do in the future. I am asking God to work a miracle. We are trusting HIM for a dramatic change in our financial condition during the coming year. The equipment for the basic in-house video studio will cost $15,000, The new version of the website and expansion on web presence will run $8,000. The development of the Internet radio station will run about $6,000. Salary for the first 6 months $24,000. On going ministry expenses run on average $1200 a year.

Here’s the deal, We are asking our 29 donors this year and a few past donors to step out in faith, to buck the current US economic trend and make this a transformative year. The plan is front-end loaded. We need at least $20,000 to kick off the year and then $4,350 in monthly commitments. Believe me, this is the year to bring encouragement to struggling faith, inside and outside the walls of church.

We can’t do this without lots of friends and generous donors.

Think of what this on-demand resource will do for hundreds of thousands of believers around the world. 2011 is the year! Lyn and I wish you a very merry Christmas and a faith-filled New Year.



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