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Innovative complaint strategy


The storm was closing in, the sky seemed packed with darkness, but it was the lightning that shut everything down. For 5 hours a wall of commanding thunderstorms stilled O’Hare, one of the world’s busiest airports. One flight after another was delayed or canceled. It’s pretty simple really, if the planes can’t land, there won’t be any planes taking off.

Above the airport, scores of aircraft circled in a holding pattern. Eventually hundreds of flights were diverted to other airports. Inside the Terminals thousands of travelers waited, they too, were in a holding pattern. All the vacations, business trips, family reunions, and personal journeys were on hold.

To the casual observer it appeared that I was quietly engrossed in my book, but truth was I had been staring at page 113 for more than an hour. I was selectively listening to conversations around me. Yes, I was eavesdropping.

After 18 hours in that airport I came to a conclusion about travelers; when placed in holding patterns, we complain; and given the right set of circumstances we will turn complaining into a competitive sport. The more we play the game, the more victimized we feel, thus feeding more complaints. Eventually life seems to be nothing but a growing collection of grumblings and grievances that must be told and retold.

No one likes life on hold, but believers have an option, the holding patterns can become opportunities for God to work. It seems to be SOP that in the middle of distractions, messed up schedules, missed appointments, disappointments and brokenness God shows up. So, when your journey gets put on hold, pray for God change your perspective; then, listen for His voice and take your place in His story.


It took them ten years to be blessed with a child, now just before their eleventh anniversary he skipped out. One moment he was there the next he was gone. He just left!

In the middle of all the responsibilities and challenges of motherhood, Tiffany was now alone.

Everything in her life seemed to be at a standstill. Her whole live had been put on hold and she had learned to live there.

Gloom followed her wherever she went. From the beginning, Tiffany’s parents tried to comfort and help, but Tiffany was unresponsive. Her father prayed for a miracle.

Several months later her dad talked Tiffany into going to the Opera. It was Tiffany’s first venture out. Music had always been Tiffany’s world and maybe, just maybe, this day would be the breakthrough, maybe this Opera would bring back the old Tiffany.

There was a long line of cars waiting to get into the parking garage and people were getting impatient. It was taking too long. Finally, Tiffany pulled up to the ticket stand, grabbed her ticket, and the automatic arm began to lift. Just as she prepared to pull through and find a parking space, the parking attendant yelled out for her to stop.

“We’re in a hurry,” Tiffany responded.

”This won’t take long, just hold up, Honey,” replied the bubbly, round woman who probably called everyone Honey.

While the line of cars waited, the attendant pulled an inexpensive cosmetic bracelet out of the paper sack. Then she said, ”Honey, this little bracelet is very valuable; it is a present from God. He wants you to have it, so that you know He is on your arm all the time.”

On the passenger side, her dad sat speechless. It was a miracle. Tiffany moved on and found a parking space, all the while muttering, ”Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.”

It really was a cheap bracelet, but a priceless gift. Because of the round woman’s words, Tiffany will treasure it, till God gives her the words to use when she passes it along to another person who is lost and on hold.


If you know a person in a holding pattern, this is the week to pray for him or her, to ask God what He wants you to do, or say that is exactly what that person needs. Faith empowers believers to give gifts and speak words because they are convinced God is still showing up and working miracles, even in the middle of holding patterns.

In it’s most effective form, prayer is not a monologue, but a dialogue. Speak in Jesus’ Name and Listen for the voice, the nudge, the prodding of God.

Pray that God makes you a miracle for some unsuspecting, abandoned person. Listen for God’s directions; respond to His nudging. God has already convinced me, this is the year, this is the time. Be the story.

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