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I was on holy ground, and didn’t know it!

At 7:38, the morning of January 19th, 2002 I awoke with what felt like an elephant standing on my chest and before that fateful day ended, I had experienced three heart events and CODED three times.

My family was told, “If he makes it through the night, he might pull through. He’s on the edge.”

When I awoke Sunday morning, there was a 12″ pipe stuck down my throat (that’s what it felt like),  an endless number of wires connected somehow to my body, a hovering hospital staff, and the red-eyed presence of my worried wife.

And, after hearing her account of the previous day, I was stunned. I laid there counting breaths, celebrating more moments this side of the edge. For days, I felt like I was floating somewhere between chaos and an epiphany.

Forty-eight hours later, in the late night darkness of that hospital room, I heard God’s voice. “You’re not done yet. Now that I have your attention, listen-up I’ve got a new assignment for you.”

A few months later, the Faith Coaching Network (FCN) was born.

To paraphrase the middle part of Psalm 71, the mission is clear, “I will stand up and speak up. I will find the stories of God’s fingerprints and tell them to this generation and the next.”

But, I can’t do this alone.

Do you see God in the roadblocks, the stumbling blocks and the mental blocks you face; He’s not buried in a book. He is still creating life, rescuing the lost, encountering the doubters, casting epiphanies to legalists, surprising the faithful, healing physical and spiritual pain, connecting the dots, reconciling relationships, repairing brokenness, forgiving mess-ups and miss-givings, and loving us in spite of ourselves. He is still writing His creation story in us, HIS Book of Life.

Do you sense it too?

“I started with a dream, but now I’ve got a mission.” God has renewed the call. “Get with it. Get some help.” 

Do you hear the call? Do you hear God saying… “Help Ron. Get with it!” Together we are going to put in a good word for God. We are going to find the stories, telling the stories, and be the stories of faith outside the walls of church. We we are invading the impossible.

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