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Call it a Holy Post


Have you felt growing uncertainty in the air? It’s like some tragedy is looming on the horizon, just waiting for the most inopportune time to crush our spirit and blind our faith. Darkness surrounds us just at the edge of light, and fear clouds our vision messing with our minds. Perhaps you, too, have friends who have run head-first into some unforeseen wall; they have been left immobilized and discouraged, experiencing unemployment, or foreclosure, or cancer, brokenness, rejection, addiction, or abuse. When they finally muster the courage to admit their plight, they are racked with doubt and fear and faith that is teeters near death.

The present is paralyzed and the future sacrificed. Perspective lost. Hope striped naked.

“Where is God?” “Why has HE forgotten me?” “HE must be punishing me or angry with me.”

I have found a faith-perspective that helps me deal with unexpected walls. Life after the fall is filled with roadblocks, they will continue till Jesus comes. If someone tries to sell you some misguided teaching that Christianity gets rid of the roadblocks, politely disconnect.

If you breathe, you will experience Roadblocks.

God uses them to direct life, to change things, to move us to the next chapter in our story. Sometimes he moves the roadblocks just in time, but most of the time He transforms them into roadsigns; roadsigns that point us in a new direction.

HE gives us eyes to see past the fear into His next step in our future.

So, in spite of the fear, look for the signs–call them Holy Posts!

Matt Redman has a song, that for me has been a perspective changer…a Holy Post (click the link, it’s safe).



Mr. Hitchcock wanted to teach his son Alfred a lesson he would never forget. So, with the cooperation of local police the plan was set. The scheming father sent young Alfred down the street to the local police station with a note sealed in an envelope and told him to wait there for a reply.

Alfred ran as fast as he could, after all, the note must be important. When he arrived at the police station he meekly handed the envelope to the officer at the front desk. The policeman tore open the envelope and took his time reading the note. He crumpled up the paper and said, “Come with me, Alfred.”

They walked down the hall to a vacant cell. At first Alfred was amazed; he had never seen the inside of a jail before, but in a heartbeat his amazement vanished.

When he reached the end of the hall, the policeman opened the cell door on the right and pushed the boy in, slamming the door shut. Alfred was stunned and confused. As the officer walked away, Alfred could sill hear the echoing words, “This is what we do with naughty boys.”

Young Hitchcock was terrified. He cried, yelled, screamed, but no one was there to hear him. He was scared and alone. Finally, the officer returned, as the note had instructed, and release the boy without saying a word.

Hitchcock ran and ran and ran. He was free but afraid to go home, afraid to talk about the lesson of the cell. Never again did he trust his father, and that jail-cell terror stayed with him for the rest of his life.

But, the cell experience gave him a new understanding about the power of fear…and that fear perspective transformed his future. From this one experience he developed an uncanny ability to create suspense. He taught us, in a strange way, to enjoy being afraid.


Got a roadblock in your path? Pray for God to reveal His transformation. Ask God to open your eyes to see the “Holy Post,” the message within. HE always puts a sign of his presence and power in the middle of the mountain. Look for it!

Consider every episode of fear as a first step in your next faith adventure.

Contact a trusted believer and share your “road sign” perspective. Ask your friend to join you in a prayer for revelation and the courage to take the next step.

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