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Missing faith between Sundays?


Although, intimacy with God, listening to His voice, and accepting His call happen on a regular basis inside church walls, in private, and in Sunday worship, faith happens outside, between the weekends, in everyday lives. Faith encounters God on the inside, to make Him proud on the outside.

Faith is not validated or incited inside any room or sanctuary; it may be birthed there, but it is not lived there. God designed faith to show up in the critical moments when He puts us in the right place at the right time. In these “God thing” moments, God transforms weekdays into Sundays. They become our “By faith…” moments, as in Hebrews 11.

Bruce, my pastor friend from California, has invested the last several years redefining faith as lifestyle. He has been praying this prayer for the Faith Team ministry:
“Dear Father, please be with Ron today. Give him divine dissatisfaction with the status quo. Put him in contact with lost and searching people who won’t visit a church campus. Let him see the new things you are doing in this lost world—awakening, to see the reason for which Jesus came and died. Amen!”

Do you see it?

Faith in action is emerging inside church wall, and finding a place of honor and influence outside the walls, in the culture. Churches may be in trouble, but faith is not. Change is in the air. We have been too focused on ourselves, too status quo, too talk focused, for too long.

God is searching for believers who are ready to be the story of faith outside the walls, instead keeping the story inside the walls.

Do you sense it? Do you know believers who are stuck on the wording and missing the living?

On Sunday we promise to do better; but, on Monday, Sunday gets shelved. We settle for talk, without action. We push through the week missing opportunities, missing His voice, missing His presence. God is working wonders right in front of us, but we are visionless, distracted, and oblivious. The truth is, He is placing us in the right place at the right time. And, too many times, we never know it.

Pray for weekday transformation.


After a significant strain to her vocal cords, Lilly set-up an appointment with a throat specialist. When she arrived at the Doctor’s office Lilly was more than a little shocked at the number of patients who were waiting to see the same specialist.

After what seemed like hours, the nurse led Lilly to a waiting room. You know the drill.

“I was about to complain about the wait when the nurse said, ‘May I ask you something personal?'”

Lilly replied, “Yes, of course.”

“I noticed your hand,” she said hesitantly.

Lilly had lost half of her left hand in a forklift accident when she was 11. That imperfection had changed her view of life.

The nurse continued, “What I need to know is how has this affected your life.”

I had been 25 years since that terrible day and no one had ever asked that question. They’d ask, “Does it bother you?” but never, “How has it affected your life?”

Before Lilly could respond the nurse said, “You see, I just had a baby, and her hand is like yours. I, well, I need to know how it has affected your life.”

After a few moments of thought Lilly answered, “It HAS affected my life, but not in a bad way. I do many things that people with two normal hands find difficult. I type about 75 words a minute, I play the guitar, I have ridden and shown horses for years. I’m involved in musical theater, and I am a professional speaker. I am constantly in front of a crowd. I do television shows four or five times a year.”

“It was never ‘difficult’ because of the love and encouragement of my family. They always talked about all the great notoriety I would get because I would learn how to do things with one hand that most people had trouble doing with two. We were all very excited about that. That was the main focus, not the handicap.”

“Your daughter doesn’t have a problem. She is normal. You are the one who will teach her to think of herself that way. She will come to know she is ‘different,’ but you will teach her that different is wonderful. Normal means you are average. What’s fun about that?”

She was silent for a while and whispered, “Thank you,” and walked out.

Lilly sat there thinking, “I was the right person in the right place, at the right time.”

God shapes our days so that we are always the right person in the right place at the right time. That takes faith outside the walls and between the weekends. That’s a “By faith…” moment.


Got faith?

Like every week before it, this week God is about to put you in the right place at the right time. Don’t miss the moment! Expect it! God’s faith care is always His own brand of in-service training.

Live it, and tell me about it.

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