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2012 Prayer Team

Women of Prayer

As our 5th year begins, the Faith Team is facing the most challenging time in our history.

It’s not just financial, several things have happened all at once. In the middle our prayers about the challenges, God called a small group of faith-focused women from every corner of the world to join HIM in holy conversation concerning the power of this ministry. Is HE calling you?
This is not an invitation to pummel God with our ministry wish list, it isn’t to ask for HIS blessings on the ministry, it is to make sure we listen for HIS voice and respond to HIS nudges. If we are going to invade the impossible, we need God with us every step of the way.
Jesus had a behind-the-scenes team of women who provide support and encouragement; so we are simply following HIS lead. That’s where you come in. We believe God is forming this team. HE will call who HE wants.
Is HE calling you?
  • Pray for God to put HIS hand of protection and provision on this ministry.
  • Pray that HIS fingerprints are found in everything we do.
  • Pray that 2012 becomes an incubator for courage.
  • Pray for God’s help as we unwrap the gift of people-buiding.
  • Tell God we want to be even more than we can ask or imagine. We want to tell HIS story…the one still being written.
Comment below to accept the call. Ron will send emails on a weekly basis to the Prayer Team. It’s time to BE the Story.
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