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Called out of failure


How are you at trial and error learning? I have become a master. Faith is required. And, I have discovered that many times it is a lifelong learning process with great rewards.

It means you have to FAIL.

In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne’s dad carries his son into the house after the fall in the well; he asks, “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Wise words can be found in the most unexpected places.

It reminds me of a Jesus moment in Luke 5. Jesus and some fishermen were is a boat… He  had been speaking to the crowd, then he said to Peter, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.”

Peter replied, “We worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing.”

Why do we fail? to learn…

Peter continued, “But we will do what you say.”

This time there was too many fish for the nets. In fact the boat began to sink.

Out of failure Peter found a new mission. He was in awe.

It seems that talk filled the shallows, but transformation happened in the deep.

One of my old IBM buds tells of a story floating through the halls… It seems one of the managers made a $10M error. He was called up-line to face his VP and expected to be fired on the spot. So, he took a resignation letter with him. But, the VP refused the resignation, “Goodness, man, we can’t lose you now! We’ve just spent $10M on your education!”

Failure is training in action (it’s also humbling).

If Peter had stubbornly stood his ground and refused to try again, he would have missed the miracle and his new mission.


During my last year of undergraduate school I worked as a TV news reporter for KTXS-12 in Abilene, TX. Dale Ward was my News Director.

The studio scanner reported a tornado sighting near Baird and I was dispatched to get the story and some dramatic film for the evening news.

Just as I reached the top of the bluff overlooking Baird I could see the tornado. I picked up the 2-way, reported my sighting, grabbed the camera, made quick adjustments to the lens and began getting great film of my first tornado. It was dark and billowy. I took notes from what I could hear on the police scanner and sped off toward the station.

When I arrived, Bill, our film tech, took the camera with the film in it and I began working on the story. Dale had already placed a crawler on-air announcing “Exclusive tornado film from Ron Rose at 6:00.”

I finished the story just as the film came out of development.

Dale asked Bill, “Is it good?”

“Oh, it’s great film,” Bill responded. ”Here, take a look.” I was filled with pride and accomplishment, confident I had shot award-winning film that might even be picked up by the network, but unprepared for the laughter that filled the room.

Dale looked at me and asked, “Is this your tornado?”

“Yes,” I replied.”

“Your tornado is a tire fire.”

Wow, what a mess-up. I got great footage of a non-news story. Oh, the story ran as a humor piece. But, never again did I file a story without digging deeper, fact checking, and verifying images and identities and tornadoes. I began that day in the shallows and left the news room committed to the deep.


Got a failure story? Rethink it. What did you learn?

God uses failure to teach us about life…and call us to new missions. Of course, we have to look for Jesus and follow His lead, but with Jesus, expect a miracle.

Do you have a story that begins with failure but ends-up being a game changer? Put it in your journal and tell it to a friend. Remember, “Why do we fall, to learn to pick ourselves up.”

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