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Starting blocks

It all starts with a simple confession: “I believe that Jesus was God in human form, that he visited this planet, taught us about life to the max, died to rescue us from hopeless narcissism, and that God raised him to complete the master plan giving us resurrection power. And I believe he still lives in the hearts of his followers.”

Training behind the starting blocks

God punched a hole in the sky to unwrap the gift of grace. How has that gift affected your faith? Ephesians 2:8

Faith is launched by hearing the story of Jesus. It is energized by a continual study of Scripture, but knowledge of Scripture is not the same as faith. We are saved through faith, not our knowledge of facts or detals. Since our faith came by hearing….where has it gone from there? Our faith is launch by hearing, but it is tested by life.

Believing in Jesus is what saves us (John 3:16), but even demons believe (James 2:19). So, what’s the difference between believing like the demons and believing like humans?

Paul says that Abraham believed. He not only believed in God, he believed God would keep his promises. He believed God had the power to do the impossible. Trusting promises means we need to be aware of the promises and willing to trust God to be faithful (Romans 4:18-22). How does “living like God keeps his promises” affect our life in this century?

Faith requires us to see the invisible and do the impossible. Hebrews 11:1 is only the beginning of a chapter that explains that this faith in the unseen is tested and refined by crisis and struggle. Living by faith demands challenge. What challenges have shaped your faith thus far?

This challenged faith layers and stacks and grows (2 Thessalonians 1:3). In fact, it can flourish. How do you know if your faith is flourishing?

There is no better preparation for your faith journey than to read at least one of the Gospels. You can watch The Gospel of John online at this website, but something special happens when you read the passages the old fashioned way…and you let the words sink in.

Are you ready to run?

All Sport (a loveable, but hungry mutt) wanted was the discarded Happy Meal in the middle of the road. Although he could smell the hidden treasure, the constant flash of four-wheeled distractions kept him so pre-occupied dodging danger, moving in and out of traffic, that he forgot the treasure altogether. The Happy Meal dream was lost in the fight to stay alive.

Do you, in some way, identify with Sport? What was your dream, your mission, at the beginning? Where are you now?

Distractions are everywhere. Danger is just around the corner. New information is constantly popping up, whether we want it or not. We live in a state of time-pressured overload. So, we tend to sit on the sidelines watching and wondering, “Is this what I’m supposed to do with my life?”

Regardless how lost we get, God understands our frustration and our plight. He longs for us to trust him more. He has already been involved in our lives, whether we knew it or not. And he promises, “I will be with you always,” everyday, every hour, every breath. Trust me!

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