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Pulling the wraps off Holy Ground

Petra (The Rock) Inspires Wonder

To get to this hidden city you follow the “Siq” a mile and a half long crack into a sandstone valley. Best experienced on “bus 11” (Our guide, Michael’s name for walking).

This Wonder of the World was a major trading center in the 1st Century AD. It was forgotten for centuries, until 1812 when it was re-discovered. Although Scripture does not mention Petra, you can rest assured the people living there knew about the Jews and Jesus.

Jordan should be proud of this site. It is a marvel. The rocks are silent, but the stories of life are around every turn.

The craftsmanship and ingenuity at Petra is astounding, breathtaking facades featuring personal idols and deities. While through history have focused on building monuments and architectural wonders, God has focused on building people, people of all kinds. Even before this Rock City, God was shaping humankind into adventures and believers.

After the flood God wanted people to spread out over the earth, but self-directed people had other plans. They wanted to build a name for themselves. God intervened and gifted them with a massive communications breakdown. In their minds, the gods must be unhappy, so they scattered. Sometime after the scattering Job is introduced by God himself. It’s a God thing.

God is proud of His man, Job, puts him through an unthinkable test. Everything is taken away, everything. Job is shaken, bewildered, and filled with questions, but answers don’t come. The people around Job assume that he has done something that has made his god angry. They didn’t have a clue, but neither did Job. In spite of the devastation and bad advice from friends, he stays true to God…the God he had never met.

At the end of the test, a humbled Job Says: “I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.” Job 42:5 NLT

It was a God thing; it was Holy Ground.

Holy Ground is a game changer, live is never the same. Holy Ground is personal and sacred, because God is present; His voice and his power, make the moment an epiphany. Totally different than the idol world of ancient days.

Out of what is now Iraq, God calls Abraham to join Him on a grand adventure. Abraham follows God’s call and takes off to points west, to a land he knew nothing about. Abraham not only left city life with culture and convenience, he left the idol world of multiple angry gods. Why the RV trip with God, because of Holy Ground.

It was a relationship… unheard of. Trust God for the journey and God would make Abraham into a nation and more. All nations will be blessed by Abraham and his descendants. His family tree would possess the land for ever. That his offspring would be innumerable. That one of his descendants would conquer all enemies and that Abraham’s name would be great.

But, after years of marriage, Sarah is still without one child. Nothing seems to be happening, so they try to help God along and a son named Ishmael is born to Sarah’s servant girl.

Abrahams and Sarah never call her by name, but God does. In fact Sarah grows jealous and bitter toward Hagar. The Lord knows her name, her status as a servant. God looks at her as a person, a woman whom He has called.

When Hagar runs away, headed back to Egypt, the angel of God meets her along the way and calls her name and asks were she is going. God is genuinely interested in this young pregnant girl. He wants her to go back to Abraham and Sarah. Then He tells her: You will have a son. His name is Ishmael (which means, “God hears”), because God has heard of your misery. it wan’t a perfect deal, the angel the son will be a “wild Donkey” of a man and will have a hostile spirit. But, he will have innumerable descendants.

Hagar that Holy Ground place, “The God Who Sees Me.”

When Isaac, the promised sone, was around 3-years old, Ishmael (now around 17-years old) and Hagar are asked to leave. Ishmael and Hagar end up in the wilderness around Sinai and he becomes the father of the Arabs.

God asked Abraham to take his son of promise to Mt. Moriah and sacrifice him. It was a test and a transformation of culture. No child sacrifices with Abraham’s God.

It was Holy Ground.

Abraham named the Moriah place “the Lord will provide”. Years later on that same mountain God provided a perfect sacrifice… The Lord will provide. It was Holy Ground.

Thank you God for being the God who hears and the God who shows up…The God of Holy Ground. Bless this quest. As we travel, help us see what Job saw: “I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”

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