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10 Rules for Faith Coaches and Story Collectors

Faith coaches and Story Collectors are rare

The one-of-a-kind, imaginative Creator would, of course, put individuality and uniqueness into the creation that bears HIS image. Being created in the image of God means all God’s people are designed to reason independent of basic instinct, to dream and sing and express emotion, to create and build and invent, to feel love and compassion and hope, and to ask why and why not.

With that holy legacy, it’s fair to assume faith is expressed in as many ways as there are individuals. Your faith is personal, distinctive, and vulnerable to the unique, on-going challenges of life. (Hebrews 11) That may explain why faith questions tend to be kept secret. We wonder why our faith isn’t like the faith we see in others.

Our assumption, from childhood, is that faith is the same in everyone, that it’s a “one-size-fits-all” mystery. That false assumption distracts us, holds us back, and keeps us from experiencing the unique faith-gene God created in us. My faith is not intended to be just like yours, nor is yours supposed to look like mine. So, get over this paralyzing assumption and quit trying to have a faith like someone else’s. Grow your own! Romans 12:3

Take action: unwrap you unique gift of faith. It’s about the choice to trust the ultimate giver. Acts 26:20

Be the blessing
Forget about counting your blessings and be the blessing. Bring out the best in people, look for the good, for unseen strengths yet to be discovered. Ask God to help you see the invisible and take the initiative. Tell people about the good, about the future that God has revealed to you. That is speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).

Put in a good word for Jesus
Become a big-time collector, collect the fingerprints of God. Look for Jesus in the lives of people; his touches always leave holy marks (2 Corinthians 13:5). Collecting these “holy ground” stories provide you with innovative ways to inspire and challenge without being offensive.

Ask provocative questions
Conversations about faith, the ones that linger longer than a day, are usually instigated by provocative questions. Those pesky “why” questions move beyond right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable, and force us to explore inside ourselves. Consider the difference: “What do you believe?” or “Why do you believe?” Why do we need each other?…to ask off-the-wall questions.

Listen beyond the words
In Luke 8:18 Jesus urges his followers to “be careful how they listen.” Faith coaches have learned to listen beyond the words. Ask God to give you ears to hear what people are really saying. There will be many times when you will need to say, “That’s not all the story, is it?” or “Why are you hiding the truth?” Remember life is meant to be lived forward and understood backward. Listen for truth hidden in distractionos.

Expect interruptions
I used to think one of the hallmarks of faith-filled people was avoiding interruptions. Keeping all the spiritual ducks in a row (prayer time, Bible study, devotion time) was my measure of spiritual significance. Now I know that genuine faith-filled people don’t avoid interruptions; they thrive on them. The unexpected interruptions give us the opportunity¬†to leave fingerprints for God.

Accept everyone “as is”
There are no perfect people. Faith coaches connect with people at times of doubt and fear and frustration and discouragement. People we talk with may not even know where they are. Their lives may be hanging by a thread. Regardless of how bad it looks, God is bigger than the challenge. He is already there with power and comfort and glimpses of hope. Trust him. 2 Corinthians 8:24

Be authentic
Be the story. Be ready to give an answer for your faith. Confess your struggles, your failures, and your discoveries. Tell about the times you hid from God and how God found you. In the parable told in Matthew 13:44, Jesus points to God finding you and selling all he had (Jesus) to get you. We are God’s treasure, the reason for his joy…now that’s a story.

Invite God into the conversation
Faith coaches don’t say prayers; they include God into the conversation because he’s already in the room. The intention is to transform the conversation from praying to get, to praying to give. Too many pray for God to be the superhero in their stories, instead of asking God to show them what to do, what to give, so we can be part of his story. For faith coaches, story collectors, and GoFaith team leaders, conversations with God is “holy ground.”

Keep a faith journal
Keep some kind of record of “Jesus sightings.” Write about nudgings, divine appointments, failures and frustrations, ventures into the deep, off-the-map experiences, spiritual discoveries, God things, and new understandings. Write about grace and gratitude and miracles. Write powerful words of testimony, for this and the coming generation (Revelation 12:10-11). Write!

Encourage worship
You are traveling a new road. You are an undocumented adventurist, embedded in a mystery filled with risk and wonder. So, when you run up against distrusting, impetuous, self-absorded, argumentative believers, focus on praise and worship and service. Worship experiences, true worship requires a focus on God and when the focus is on God, narcissism is disminished, attitudes change, and people are transformed. Change is the evidence of true worship, not the enemy of it. Encourage the development of a personal playlist of praise songs, regular worship in a local church, and a service project that is bigger than anyone’s ego. Push your people outside the walls of their expectations.

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