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These messages describe Ron’s signature passion and life calling. The focus of all five messages is encouraging and motivating. And, the take-away is believers take faith outside the walls of church. Ron is driven to coach believers in the steps necessary to get out of the huddle and into the game. Each message stands alone, or all five can be packaged together as a 5-part series on Faith Coaching.

Faith Coaching Titles:

  • Can you pass the faith test?
  • God’s got your number
  • Telling the 3 stories that define you
  • What do you do on Holy Ground?
  • Is your faith growing? How do you know?

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Keynote speakers seem to be a dime a dozen, but few leave a lasting impression. Ron’s messages not only impress, they inspire action. These messages sneak up on listeners through stories and humor and uncommon sense.
Keynote Titles:

  • How do I get down?
  • Leveraging the swing
  • What’s in your wallet?

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Ron leads a team of skilled journalist who have decades of experience. They know how to research the story and tell it in your voice. These skills are exactly what’s needed to turn your blog into an attention grabbing message for your readers. Sound intriguing?
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Ron is an undocumented adventurist embedded in mystery. His story is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Over the last four decades he has refused to settle for status quo; his love for innovation and discovery have forced him to become a professional life-long learner. He is in constant pursuit of the next new thing.

Ron has invested years in church ministry and faith-based businesses. Along the way, he has spoken to audiences of thousands, keynoted conferences and conventions, lead retreats, hosted TV talk shows, developed curriculum, and provided creative content for radio programing.

This energetic grandfather always has a story to tell. His messages are personal and powerful and passionate. Every presentation leaves the audience with an up-lifting take-away.

Ron has written six books focused on families issues: Common Sense Discipline, 7 Things Kids Never Forget, Dad’s Diary, Loving Her, Hugs for Couples in Love, and The Diary of God. He currently writes materials for the Faith Coaching network, provides content for Heartlight.org, writes a monthly article for 21st Century Christian magazine, and hosts a column on the online Arlington News Network. His weekly email, Faith Notes, has been guest-posted on blogs around the world.

Mornings find him at Starbucks, in what he calls his “mobile office.”

On his Facebook profile, Ron reveals his passions, “I love Photography, traveling, adventure novels, music with a story, convertibles, sailing, reconnecting with old friends, engaging new friends, listening to and collecting life stories, speaking, writing, and creating. But most of all, I love Lyn, my family and my five grandkids.

Ron is an adventurer who enjoys living by faith regardless of where the path leads. He is energized by helping others discover what transformational faith is all about.

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