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| January 23, 2011 | 4 Comments

Time has never been more valuable, spend it here.

For many people in this culture, God is crowded out… relegated to one day a week inside church walls. But, in spite of the attempts to conceal him and confine him, he finds a way to show up in the most unexpected and unimaginable places. I bet you’ve seen him, sensed him, even stumbled across him in the last few days.

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We need you. The game plan is to build a worldwide team of on-the-streets God-reporters. The endgame is to report the stories of God–HIS fingerprints in this generation. So, stay right where you are, but give your days purpose and passion. Embedded in the real world you are secretly searching for the real stories of God in action. Yes!

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My God is not buried in the pages of a book, is yours? If your God still show up, then it’s time to speak up, not in religious words or spiritualized “holy” talk, but in real stories of the real moments. Tell about the blessings, the kindnesses and surprises, the interventions, the rescues, and the healings, the miracles, the unexplainable moments, the personal discoveries and insights and understandings, the revelations, transformations, and liberations, the nudges, the pushes, and the whacks up the side of the head. Tell about second touches, out of the blue connections, the interventions, initiations, innovations, and instigations of others. Take the time to tell!

The Faith Team exists to honor the Creator, who will not be hidden, or silenced, or confined to the margins of life. Do you hear God saying… “Help Ron. Get with it!”

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  1. Sheila Brown Forsyth says:

    He Gathers the Lambs in His Arms– When God Showed Up For Me

    In a current group Bible study of the book of Isaiah, I came across a passage that brought back the memory of a time in years past when God showed up for me in a very personal way through His Word:

    …He gathers the Lambs in his arms
    and carries them close to his heart;
    he gently leads those that have young. Isaiah 40: 11

    It was an extremely painful time for my two children and me. After 17 years, my husband made the decision to leave our marriage and go to someone else. My children were confused and devastated. I self-examined to a fault, and longed for love and faithfulness. I started studying the Bible with an intensity that I did not have when taking Bible courses at a Christian College. I wanted to know if there was any indication that God would help heal our broken hearts and stabilize our lives, again. Did we have to have a perfect family, or was all lost?

    As frequently happens, lonely hearts cross paths, and I met a handsome guy at a church service. We had phone conversations for about 3 months, then I let him come to the house. It was fun to talk, walk, and have dinner together. The inevitable issue of dating– physical involvement, became that natural-feeling temptation for comfort. I believed the scriptures that blessed the physical relationship in marriage only, however, I didn’t realize that God would speak to me through an Old Testament scripture in my contemporary situation. That night the handsome guy hugged me and eventually fell asleep on my sofa. I remember looking at him and wanting to curl up beside him. After a couple of hours I sent him home, and I went to my room and picked up my Bible. I prayed that God would help me navigate my new life as a single person, and begged Him to help my hurting children and guard their spiritual well-being.

    Within a couple of minutes, I came across Isaiah 40:11 for the first time. The words “his arms” and “those that have young” were poignant and meaningful to me. “He” was the Lord, and he would gather me in his arms! More importantly, he heard my cry about direction for my children, and reassured:

    …he gently leads those that have young.

  2. ron says:

    Sent to me via email:

    Just days before Christmas my home was burglarized. I was at the dentist for just an hour that morning. When I returned home, doors had been kicked in and my computer was gone. Nothing else was touched or disturbed. When I tried to close one of the shattered doors, the alarm began to shriek. It was piercing. I punched in the magic numbers and it was silent. If it went off like that when the intruders entered, they would have wanted to make a quick exit. In their haste, they left behind an important cable, one that was needed to run the laptop.

    First, call the police. Next, see if my very capable handiman/contractor would be able to see about my doors. Call the bank and credit card company to put a fraud alert on my accounts, etc. The insurance company … The credit bureaus…the computer geek who would know how vulnerable my personal information was… there was so much to think about. Where’s my driver’s license?

    Officer Jack Gariota arrived just minutes after I called in the burglary. He was the first of many blessings that happened that day. He stayed at least 2 hours, investigating very thoroughly, taking pictures of foot prints in the yard and garage, finding signs of entry over the back fence, and even interviewing a witness who saw the two men running away carrying something to their chests. She gave a full description. She and her husband had been sitting outside having coffee when the suspects ran past, giggling. Her information was another blessing. The officer followed up on her lead and cruised a rather seedy apartment complex nearby that they had headed for. He even searched the dumpsters but found nothing. He came back to check on me and then headed out to go check some nearby places that buy used computers and other electronic gadgets. This guy was dedicated, one of the “old school” officers, he told me.

    By this time my handiman contractor was at the house with a helper, taking down the shattered doors and planning to head to Home Depot to buy the necessary materials to install new and stronger doors. The blessing was that he didn’t have a job in progress. Usually I had to wait about 6 weeks for him to start on any project at my house.

    Several concerned neighbors called to encourage me and offer help. I think I forgot to eat lunch that day, but it didn’t matter because I was running on adrenaline and the Spirit was filling me with energy to do the next thing, whatever that was. One neighbor told me I needed a dog; another said I should get cameras, and one dear neighbor stopped by to give me a hug and to tell me he was praying for me.

    Thank you, Lord, for being there with me and for helping me see your blessings in the people you sent to help and encourage me. Someone had been there with me for most of the day, and that was very comforting.

    By the end of the day, my new doors were installed – metal doors with reinforced facings and heavy duty safety bolts. They are “purty near indestructible” as the handiman told me. I could go to bed and lock all the doors. And I did just that. I slept well, too.

    The next day brought more blessings and a call from the insurance company that a check was in the mail to cover the damage to the doors, thanks to the quick estimate from the contractor and the report from the police. My computer geek suggested that I think about getting a rebuilt tower computer, too bulky to carry on the run, inexpensive and in excellent condition, like new. “Good advice,” said Officer Gariota. He came by to check on me and report that the computer had not turned up. I had already begun to think of it as gone for good.

    Most people who heard of my burglary were offering me their sympathy, saying, “so sorry to hear about your break-in” and some were angry that this happened to me. I was able to tell them about God helping me through the day with one blessing after another. I felt His presence all day long. When I look back on it now, I can only give thanks for the peace I have experienced. No anger or bitterness. Oh, and I found my driver’s license in the pocket of a jacket that I wore to Atlanta the following week. By then I had already gone to the DPS to get a new license. It’s always good to have a spare. -Nita M.

  3. There have been many times in the past 18 months when I have felt that God had stopped hearing my needs. After nearly losing everything in my life, I’ve come to understand that he was taking away the distractions and helping to get me focused again on what’s important.

    It’s only because of my horrid journey that I’ve come to know and work with Veronica Galaviz, (http://www.livingtoshare.org) and to help her in her recovery from an attempted murder in April 2010, and by creating an organization to raise awareness about domestic violence.

    And it’s because of my journey that I’ve reconnected my friendship and interactions with Ron Rose, the founder of FaithTeam.org.

    None of those things would have happened but for God’s will. Thanks, Ron, for doing this. –Donny

  4. Marge Green says:

    We were heading home from Pagosa Springs, CO, when our van engine began smoking. We were in a canyon where our cell phones would not work. The men checked the engine and found what was wrong but what to do? Now for the God part……the day before we were in the post office to mail some packages. A woman came in, looking harried and tense so we told her to step ahead of us in the line. She thanked us and did her business and left in a rush. Now back to the canyon and dead engine……a car pulls off the road ahead of us and the driver gets out and comes and asks if we need help. THIS WAS THE WOMAN WE HAD PUT AHEAD OF OURSELVES IN LINE AT THE POST OFFICE! She said as she passed us, she recognized us and pulled over. Seems her husband owns a part store in town. Her cell phone had no signal either so she drove back to town to get her husband to bring the part we needed. He came and fixed the hose and would not take the money we offered. Seems they were part of a Christian camp nearby. The God part….when we cast our bread upon the waters, it comes back to us in ways we could never imagine. Try giving yourself away this week and see what God brings to you!

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