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| January 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

Energize your faith: Life conditioning with Faith Notes

Subscribing to Faith Notes, my weekly Faith Coaching blog, is STEP-ONE toward taking faith outside the walls of church and into the streets.

Begin your week with inbox inspiration.

  • The goal is simple: Grow your personalized flavor of Genuine Faith.
  • The structure is always: Story-based.
  • The outline is expected: Preparation | Inspiration | Motivation.
  • The hidden message emerges: Find the story > Hear the story > Be the story.

It is my intention to challenge your thinking, touch your heart, and push you into action. God gave the dream, then transformed it into a mission. Get out of the huddle and into the game. Look to the right sidebar, provide the info and click Subscribe!

“True faith is more than holding firm to “correct” religious doctrines and standing up for biblical beliefs. It goes beyond believing God exists somewhere. You can memorize the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, claim all Scripture to be inspired by God, know all the latest religious terminology, without experiencing faith. Too many believers are more comfortable being known for what they are against, than what they do.”

We are called by God to bless this world, not curse it. Your theology can be solid, your doctrine impeccable, and your church attendance relentless, while your faith anemic, struggling just below the surface, fighting to catch a breath.

Catch a breath…subscribe to Faith Notes! Subscribe and tell a friend.

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  1. Ron says:

    Steven, I pray God writes new chapters of adventure and discovery into your days. You, brother, have caught the vision of being the story. blessings.

  2. Steven Wells says:

    I am one of those with good thoughts, good upbringing, good personal image, but still so weak at being faithful. I miss so many opportunities for speaking to people and letting people speak to me. I take sharpening with great precaution and skepticism, with is actually a shroud of fear and pride. I tire of being a failure but when the big break comes to be courageous for God, I make excuses…really good excuses. Logical, righteous excuses. Excuses nonetheless.

    So why am I writing? To make a public confession, with a hope and prayer that God will allow me and move me to take greater steps of faith….to share stories, to listen to stories, to learn from stories, and to birth more stories. If you feel this way, let it get to you. Let it not put you to shame, but impassion you to let God’s grace and guidance move you towards greater faith. There are bolder examples out there to learn from. I need to acknowledge that and be a better imitator.

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