Start your Faith Journal today


Writing a Faith Journal

It’s worth more than you can imagine. It takes on a life of its own and moves you outside the church and your prayer closet. In a culture so filled with distractions and delusions, believers long for depth and understanding. A Faith Journal can satisfy that longing.

Your Journal can be a nicely bound book of blank pages, a pen and pad, or a file on your computer. The form is not important, the importance is in words you write, they are snapshots of your heart, private and priceless.

Please don’t get lost in writing and editing and proofing your words. Just write. Relax and let God connect with your day. Before you know it God will take transform the words, in the process you will release your mind, flex your emotions, collect new insights, add wonder to your days, and depth to your relationship with God.

Your faith journal is a chronicle of life at all levels, not just church life. Faith invades every level.

Think of your Journal as report filed from your current location on your adventure embedded in God’s mystery.

Storyboard basics

The heart of your journal will describe what author Robert McKee calls, inciting incidents, moments that radically upset your balance of life. Call it an unexpected crisis, or a “whack-up-the-side-of-the-head,” or life out of kilter; these events forces choices, choices that are necessary to get things back in order, to make things right, to solve the problem, or to get out of the trap or pit or prison. Your entries are not about set times. They explore the moment not the clock.

The “What” and “Why” questions

Your journal entries will open cans of worms that you don’t open with anyone. They will reveal moments of pleasure and pain, but the painful ones will dominate. They tell the story of conflicts and choices, beginning with a retelling of how everything started, a review of the inciting incident. As you pick up your pen, ask the “What happened” question and at the appropriate time move to the “Why did it happen” question.

The turning point and impact

The second part of the entry is a snapshot of your turning point. What surprises did you encounter? What wisdom did you learn? What change did you make and why?

Get ready to get more out of life on all levels. Your Faith Journal will energize you, surprise you, and bless you. And, there is a serendipitous gift waiting in the wings. You will discover that writing about your faith is humbling and confessional redemptive. You will find that God meets you on the pages of your story. There he gives you fresh insight, new wisdom, and the understanding ou long for.

My journal has become “holy Ground,” I thought it was going to be private, but God said, “I don’t think so!” So be it.