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God still shows up

Time has never been more valuable, spend it here.

For many people in this culture, God is crowded out… relegated to one day a week inside church walls. But, in spite of the attempts to conceal him and confine him, he finds a way to show up in the most unexpected and unimaginable places. I bet you’ve seen him, sensed him, even stumbled across him in the last few days.

Take action–join the Faith Team:

We need you. The game plan is to build a worldwide team of on-the-streets God-reporters. The endgame is to report the stories of God–HIS fingerprints in this generation. So, stay right where you are, but give your days purpose and passion. Embedded in the real world you are secretly searching for the real stories of God in action. Yes!

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My God is not buried in the pages of a book, is yours? If your God still show up, then it’s time to speak up, not in religious words or spiritualized “holy” talk, but in real stories of the real moments. Tell about the blessings, the kindnesses and surprises, the interventions, the rescues, and the healings, the miracles, the unexplainable moments, the personal discoveries and insights and understandings, the revelations, transformations, and liberations, the nudges, the pushes, and the whacks up the side of the head. Tell about second touches, out of the blue connections, the interventions, initiations, innovations, and instigations of others. Take the time to tell!

The Faith Team exists to honor the Creator, who will not be hidden, or silenced, or confined to the margins of life.┬áDo you hear God saying… “Help Ron. Get with it!”

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