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Re-inventing radio conversation

Add your 2-cents to the conversation

Beginning in February, I will begin a one-hour, Saturday evening (11pm-Midnight), talk show on KLIF 570am here in Dallas. We are calling the program, “Ron Rose & the Story Effect.”

Why Now? Why us?

Over the last decade, talk radio in America has grown more and more negative, polarizing, and at times vindictive. This program will be a fresh voice of character and inspiration–We are bypassing political talk and religious preaching to unleash a conversation about something deeper, a conversation about the core of who we are–revealing real-life characters inside our everyday stories.

The stories told will demonstrate how to see the good, how to be more than a victim of the past, and how to live responsibly with character, in the present. We are asking God to show us the way… as we reflect the light into every dark corner we can find. This story effect will push listeners off the couch and into the streets (for good reasons).

I want you to be part of the advance team.

  • Some will give financially to help pay production costs.
  • Others will share the news about this new program with friends and family.
  • Some will become embedded reporters who will share program ideas.
  • A few will help us find businesses and organizations who will become sponsors and partners.
  • All of you can pray for this new venue–taking faith outside the walls and into the streets.

Begin now: Share your 2-cents in the comment section below.

  • What subjects and what stories will make this program compelling?
  • Leave politics off the table and think of character, values, personal discovery,
    friendship, family, etc.
  • What themes will be interesting to all groups of citizens in DFW?

Join the Facebook group. 

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