Can this happen today?

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There were three reasons for my condition: scheduled  construction work on the new freeway interchange, the newly reduced speed limit through construction, and a stalled 2006, black, Honda Pilot. I wished it was different. I wished for wings to fly around and over the problem, but as I was told early in life, “wishes are a waste of time.” So, there I was, stuck between a Ford F-150 and a dirty Toyota Camry.

I didn’t plan to be stuck, but for the next 40-minutes that was my reality. It was an unwanted disruption. I was out of action, except for my growing level of frustration.

Then, Harry Connick, Jr., blasted through my speakers with, ”

I started with a dream

But came to a decision

I started with a dream

But now I have a mission

I have a goal

To see beyond my vision

With imagination

I’ll get there

God was in those words. It hit me like a “slap up the side of the head.” I turned down the radio and listened. “Your condition is temporary, think about the millions of frustrated believers who are stuck in a closed mind.”

It was God talking. There I was, stuck in traffic with the top down having a one-on-one with God. He still speaks you know. Even if we refuse to believe it.  “HE is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” HE has never stopped interrupting, calling, transforming, and re-shaping HIS people. Impossible things are happening all around us, we just don’t see them, or give HIM the credit for them.

The unseen requires faith, remember? HIS sheep still hear HIS voice and follow. HE is still disrupting our lives and prompting our imagination. You don’t have to have the top down to know this.

It’s a faith-step. We have to imaging it’s possible in order to believe it’s possible. If we refuse to believe God is more than the holy book about HIM, than our minds will remain closed. And with the best of intentions, we will try to keep everyone around us just as closed as we are.

Paul knew there would be times like these. He wrote:

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3: 20-21 NIV

So listen up, take the top off, and imagine what God might be doing, or is about to do. Then, talk to HIM. Imagine HIS smile, as HE replies, “Child, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” He is already doing more than we will ever imagine. Oh, and HE can “slap you up the side of the head” even if you drive a hardtop.

What can you imagine?


So, can God do this?

Virgo Handojo felt his spirit reenter his body. Coming out of the trance, he collected his amulets and returned them to their secure place in his bedroom. Since his initiation into Kundalini, he had learned how to communicate with the spirit world and use supernatural power for the protection and benefit of himself and others.

Virgo, although raised in a Buddhist family and baptized into Catholicism, hungered for deeper spiritual power. As a young teenager he became attracted to Kundalini, a form of mysticism rooted in both Hinduism and Javanese traditional beliefs.

During initiation rites his guru introduced him to some of the secrets of the magical arts, as well as the strict laws concerning their practice. Virgo knew he risked harm or death should he break Kundalinis mandates, but the superhuman abilities he began to exercise fed his craving like an addictive drug.

Over the years he saw fellow Kundalini practitioners levitate, perform supernatural healing, deflect bullets shot at their bodies and much more. Those who broke the rules died suddenly or were killed in bizarre traffic accidents.

In early 1979 Virgo’s friend and neighbor Tiong Gie invited him to a church rally in his hometown of Semarang in central Java. At 22 Virgo had little interest in Christianity. But he went to the rally that Friday, March 2, because a famous Indonesian singer would be performing.

The following Monday Tiong Gie invited him to a home fellowship meeting and promised him he would meet a lot of good people.

Scores of young men and women packed the family room and overflowed into the hall and the outdoor covered veranda.  After a bit they began an informal worship time. What a strange group! Virgo thought as the evening went on.

During the prayer and praise Virgo did not understand much. Then he heard Tante Ien speak up in a clear voice. “I got a vision just now of God telling me there’s a young man here who has black magic power,” she said.

How interesting, Virgo thought, not suspecting he was the one. Kundalini, of course, is good white magic–totally different.

In a moment two men stood up and moved to his side. Whats happening? Virgo wondered uneasily. Do they think Im the one?

They laid their hands gently on his head and began to pray. Before he could say a word, Virgo felt current of electricity jolt his body from head to feet. He began shaking. Then he heard the prayers take on more authority. One of them commanded, “Devil, come out of him now, in the name of Jesus!”

Collapsing to the floor, Virgo sensed something invisible moving out of his body through his mouth. In that instant, he felt as though a black hood had been torn off of his mind. For the first time he realized that Kundalini had deceived him. His supernatural powers had come not from God, but from Satan.

Virgo blinked and sat up, overwhelmed like a newborn emerging into the bright lights of the delivery room. But in a moment another strong power entered his body and he was seized by a spirit of anger and frustration. He cried out, and more people gathered around him to pray and rebuke the demons. As soon as one evil spirit left than another took its place. For two hours several members of the group struggled to deliver him.

Finally someone asked Virgo, “Do you own any charms or amulets?”

Virgo nodded weakly. “Yes, they’re in my bedroom at home.”

Tiong Gie jumped onto his motorbike and sped to Virgos home. Soon, with Virgos agreement, the people who remained at the meeting burned these charms and amulets in the backyard.

Immediately Virgo felt in his body a release from bondage. Worn out, but at rest, he listened as Tante Ien and others in the group explained the power of Jesus to save.

Adapted from: Stories from the Front Lines, by Jane Rumph

Outside the USA, things happen that defy our sanitized assumptions. imagine God doing this and more…


Does Virgo’s story challenge you? Shock you? Encourage you? Frighten you? Inspire you?  With God, all things are possible…and more. So, what about your life? Do you see beyond the traffic jams? Do you pray beyond yourself? Do you ask God to open minds and hearts all around you?

God gave us imagination, a part of HIS divine nature; and HE wants us to use it to see HIM in action, even when it seems impossible.

Start here:

  • Stop, turn off the distractions
  • Ask HIM to speak to your heart. Listen for what HE says about the people around you.
  • Look out your window and imagine what God could do with what you see. Remember, HE wants to do good, NOT destroy. He wants to bring out the best and do whatever is necessary to get our attention.
  • Say these words out loud. “God can do more than I ask or imagine.” Say them again.
  • Tell a friend what you see.
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  1. Jim Cooper says:

    We are so controlled, so reserved, so non-spiritual, we rely only on our intellect and past experience to define what we can see & believe. I am so that way, am so “that guy.” In being that way, we may be limiting God as He tries to “get through” to us. It’s like we close our eyes, shut our ears, and run everything through a filter. When things that seem strange to us occur, perhaps we should trust His Holy Spirit to guide us in the matter. I doubt He will lose control of the situation.

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