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BE MORE than a collection of good words

boyphoneUltimately followers of Jesus are called to be the story, to be the light, to be the salt, to make a difference in their world. They instigate and even innovate outside the walls of church. They pray and push, but they never make the choices for anyone else. The marching orders are: “Be the Story!” The miracle moment of grace changes everything. Even though many believers never quite get the gift of grace unwrapped, the impact leads to an adventure embedded in mystery. There is no “pause” button for real life. That’s why questions, candid conversation, and stories are so important to genuine faith. The unexpected nature of life introduces you to a mapless society punctuated by “holy Ground” moments. These life crises, or faith challenges can provide the push necessary to turn loose of what has been and get a glance at what can be. Truth is faith is never static…it is always moving and morphing and modulating. When God calls his people into action, he provides his Spirit to help them see the unseen and hear beyond the words.

God’s game changers


The loss of employment, health surprises, disasters, emergencies, personal attacks, war/violence, family breakdown, and unexpected days of evil, can have faith crushing potential; but, they also can be the moments God uses to write the next chapter of His story in our lives. These are holy ground moments.

Stumbling blocks

As long as we live in a fallen world, we will stumble. We try to pretend and hide this truth, but hiding only makes it worse. People of genuine faith know all about stumbling blocks: temptations, doubt, flat-out rebellion, weakness, failures, and anything that puts a hitch in our spiritual get-along. God uses these developing stories of second chances and turn around’s to revive hope and purpose and deliverance.

Mental Blocks

Stories help trapped believers escape the treacherous fog of bogus truth. Mental blocks cloud our vision, keep us from experiencing the “real” thing, and paralyze our expectations. Call it: legalism, churchianity, second-rate theology, or worship of the Bible, these counterfeits keep us from the Truth. Stories lift the fog and clear the air. The Faith Coaching Network exists to help believers find the stories, tell the stories, and be the stories in this generation and the next. We stand strong to extend the call: to lean back and push forward. It’s time to Be!

Follow Jesus outside the walls of church and be the story of
faith in action for this generation and the next.

Begin with engaging conversation

Life is arrayed with God things, divine appointments, holy moments, and second touches. The good thing is that God takes great pleasure in leaving his fingerprints behind to anchor our memories and give courage to connected believers worldwide. We tell the stories because the fingerprints demand it.

In the middle of this adventure comes an innovative approach to faith assessment. Faith coaches begin with questions. These questions are meant to open conversation, not limit it. The goal is candid and meandering conversation. Faith coaches have learned by experience that good questions give each conversation “holy ground” potential.

A. W. Tozer said, “Were we to extract from any man a complete answer to the question, ‘What comes into your mind when you think about God?’ we might predict with certainty the spiritual future of that man.”

It makes perfect sense. Is your God omnipotent or impotent? Sovereign and aloof? Omnipresent and available? High and lifted up or familiar? Punitive or kind? Faithful or flaky? Loving or vengeful? Just or unjust? Able or unable to make a difference? Creator or kill-joy? So how big is your God?

The ultimate answer to that question is not found in our words, but in our actions. If our faith sees him as everything he says he is, then we will risk big. If we have a limited God—we have limited risk.

It’s not about right answers

For years I have valued right answers. Having the right answers, knowing that I was right, left me confident and self-assured. Therefore, I worked hard, and I collected a bag full of as many right answers as I could find

But, through the years I have grown bored with the collection. When you have all the answers, you tend to miss the most important questions. So, ask Story Questions:

Story Questions

  • When have you been forced to slow down and re-evaluate life?
  • What causes some of us to want to explore the unknown even when that exploration might entail loss, pain, hardship, and death?
  • When is the last time you walked through an open door instead of praying for one?
  • At what crossroads of your life have you felt the presence of God?
  • What crisis time has God used to get your attention?
  • Tell about a time when God pushed you out of your comfort zone. How did God show up?
  • Have you ever felt God was calling your name? What was that like?
  • Can you think of a time when you were trying to play hide and seek from God and he punched a hole in the sky and changed everything?
  • God is still speaking, some people experience epiphanies, some whispers, Scriptural insights and discoveries, some urges or nudges; what about you?
  • What fear has God given you the courage to face?
  • Tell about a time when things felt bewildering and God touched you a second time, helping you see everything clearly. Have you had more than one second touch episode?

Remember, the ultimate goal is not more Bible study, more prayer, and more church. We must not measure our success as Christians by ministry activity, or busyness, or our commitment to religious things. Becoming more like Jesus doesn’t happen in retreat. It happens outside with walls of church.

Good questions are priceless.

Now, most importantly, after the question is asked, you LISTEN!


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